Airtel Free CallerTune – How To Activate Airtel HelloTunes For Free

Airtel free callertune trick – Today, we are going to share a airtel trick through which you can activate free hello tune on your airtel number. Airtel hello tune will get activated on your airtel number for 999 days without any hidden cost. In this article, we are going to share step by step guide how to activate free airtel caller tune on your number and how to deactivate it incase you don’t need it.


Airtel caller tune is a service offered by mobile network operators to permit subscribers to select music or even install personalized recorded sounds for audible ringing (Source). The days of having a ‘tring tring’ tone when someone calls you are gone and now, every users want to activate caller tune on their airtel number so that when someone calls them then they will hear a song instead of tring tring tone.

Well, the charge for activating a hello tune is not less than Rs 15 per month and it may go up if you want to activate a specific tone and due to this, many users don’t activate hello tune as they think this is just a waste of their hardly earned money. Well, Rs 15 per month is not a big amount but still “Boond Boond se sagar banta hai”. So, airtel is understands their customers and they want to make every customer happy so they have launched a new offer in which airtel is allowing users to activate free caller tune on their airtel number which will be totally free of cost.

But, there is a twist in this offer as airtel doesn’t allow users to activate any hello tune instead they have made a term that users can activate only once hello tune which is selected by airtel and the name of the hello tune selected by airtel is – “Mera Desh badal Rha Hai”. Now, we are going to share the details of this offer in short.

Airtel Free Hello Tune Trick Details :-

  • No hidden cost
  • The validity of the caller tune will be 999 days.
  • The song that you can activate as caller tune is “Mera Desh badal Rha Hai”.
  • You can change the caller tune @ Rs 15 per month or you can also deactivate the caller tune once the validity is over.

Now, we are going to share the step to activate airtel free hello tune on your airtel number.

How To Activate Free Caller Tune/Hello Tune On Airtel :-

1) Dial – ‘5787809

2) Let the call get connected

3) Now, you will be asked to select the language. Simply, select your language.

4) You will hear the caller tune i.e. “Mera Desh badal Rha Hai”. After the tune stops, you will hear that to activate this callertune press “1”

5) Simply, confirm the subscription.

That’s it. Caller tune or hello tune will get activated without any charges. Enjoy free airel caller tune for 999 days. You can change caller tune any time using airtel caller tune app.

How To Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune :-

1) Open your “Message”

2) Compose a new message

3) Type – “STOP” and send it to “155223”

That’s it. Callertune service will get deactivate on your airtel number within few minutes.

Note : If you didn’t deactivated this callertune within 999 days then you will be charged Rs 15 per month after 999 days are over i.e. validity is over.

Final Words :-

We have shared every single detail you need to know about airtel free caller tune or hello tune. If you still have any issues or queries then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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